Visual Arts

Welcome to Casey Fields Primary School’s Art Program!

At Casey Fields Primary School, we believe that art is an essential part of a well-rounded education. Our art program, aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience for students from Prep to Year 6. Through a variety of mediums, including paint, drawing, modelling, sculptures, textiles, and whole-school murals, we foster creativity, critical thinking, and expression.

  • Our art curriculum is designed to meet the learning outcomes outlined in the Victorian Curriculum, including exploring ideas and artworks, experimenting with techniques and materials, and reflecting on their creative processes.
  • Our students explore a wide range of mediums and techniques. Through hands-on experimentation and guided instruction, they develop their artistic skills and discover new ways to express themselves.
  • As a school community, we value collaboration and teamwork. Our school mural projects provide students with the opportunity to work together on large-scale artworks that foster a sense of pride and belonging.

We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment where every student can thrive as an artist. Through our art program, we aim to inspire creativity, foster a love of learning, and empower students to become confident and expressive individuals.

Join us on this artistic journey at Casey Fields Primary School!

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